16/09/2019 10:11:33

SS01 – Building Trust in Ecosystems and Ecosystem Components


While every year cyber-attacks are rising in both importance and volume, it is paramount to ensure that deployed code is free of known problems and also audited for possible software problem, including interactions between software and hardware components. Digital Twins can be used, along with Data Mining and Deep Learning approaches, in order to predict and mitigate hardware interactions, but also a whole ecosystem of other tools, that have grown in time into a full software platform and framework for cybersecurity assessment and predictions.

These tools have been the subject of intense research and development, in an effort to raise their TRL levels to high, market ready, values, that can already be used by end-user companies, that are actively developing software and hardware components. The framework, composed by a set of tools and methodologies, will address the challenges related to vulnerability management, resilience, auditing of complex systems, risk analysis, mitigation strategies and security certification harmonization.


The list of possible topics includes, but is not limited to:

  • Vulnerability detection
  • Vulnerability propagation
  • Exploitability forecasting
  • Vulnerability forecasting
  • Security claims
  • Auditing mechanisms
  • Predictive simulation
  • Runtime monitoring

Session Chairs

  • Oliviu Matei, HOLISUN (RO)
  • Jose Barata, UNINOVA (PT)
  • Petrica Pop, Technical Univesity of Cluj-Napoca (RO)


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